Thurmalox Stove Paint, manufactured by Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., is available in easy to use aerosol spray cans, a one pint brushable black, gallon, five gallon, 35 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

Thurmalox® Stove Paint, a high quality, premium coating, is available in a palette of decorative colors.  Thurmalox Stove Paint takes stove restoration beyond traditional black; the line includes a rainbow of colors to match stove, stovepipe, and hearth accessories to a room’s décor.

Common uses include Furnaces, Grill frames, BBQ grills, Fireplace screens/equipment, Propane tanks, Radiators, Wood stoves, Stove Pipe, Exhaust Manifolds and Mufflers!

Clear Gloss Aerosol and Gallons
Clear Gloss Stove Paint
270 Series(Black/Colors)Gallons
Thurmalox 270 High Temperature Stove Paint
Thurmalox Stove Paint withstands continuous temp's to 1200°F.
Stove Paint Quarts
High Temperature Stove paint available in quart containers. Multiple colors.
Stove Paint Aerosol Cans
High Temperature Stove Paint packaged in aerosol cans. Multiple colors available.
245 Primer Aerosol and Gallons
Thurmalox 245 Primer Paint
Thurmalox Primer withstands continuous temp's to 1000°F and is recommended for outdoor applications.
Hi-Temp Lab-metal
repair and patching compound for repairs to 1000ºF
High Temp Filler
Lab-metal and Hi-temp Lab-metal are one part liquid metal fillers. They are both used in place of a high temperature epoxy to fill and repair metal surfaces. Lab-metal will adhere to wood and concrete. Both products are easy to use. There is no mixing, measuring and no mess. They will adhere to any metal surface.

Thurmalox Stove Paint can be used for: